of Mondrian and my living room wall

I’ve recently moved in to a new place. Costs of getting a mortgage and buying furnishings left me with little cash for decors and other pump up stuff. Checked out Ikea for some wall art but the ones that stood out for me were the relatively pricey ones. I paint a bit and figured I’d make one myself.

I rummaged through my moving boxes in the basement and found my supply of acrylic I didn’t use for a while. There too were some old paintings whose themes were either gloomy or provocative. I wanted nothing like those in my living room.

I happened to be binging on Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt that featured this ridiculously-priced painting which I thought was actually a joke. It had me Google for it. I got introduced to Piet Mondrian’s works basically. I couldn’t reconcile the value people are attaching to his works with the effort he put in to make them–beyond me. I mean anybody could do it. But well that’s how it’s like with pioneers. The fact that he started this style and had people convinced it’s some legit modern art style even calling it Neoplasticism, settled it for me.

So I tried coming up with a similar one, only I didn’t limit myself to just the primary colours.

an offshoot of a Mondrian not limited to plain and primary colours.

I was pretty satisfied with it but it was overwhelmed by the size of my wall and looked cheap and amateurish. I shopped around for the cost of some frame—I thought a decent frame would have it amp’d up and look legit. Cheapest I found was almost a hundred Euros.
I stumbled upon this second-hand shop and settled for this faded €2 painting print framed by some golden metal and planked onto some yellowish oak board. Biking home, I had ideas about what to do with it–an offshoot of a Mondrian. First, I painted the light brown border using a dishwashing sponge with black and dark brown. I painted the metal with clay-ish terracotta brown. Here it is:

Two-Euro worth of painting print planked onto some board repainted in dark brown and black and the metal lining with terracotta.

Next I measured the height and width of the painting. I figured I could easily create 15 rows and 31 columns to make 465 of 1x1inch squares. I marked every inch of the top and bottom sides, ran a plaster from the top to bottom first-inch marks and marked every inch down to make perfect squares. I started colouring each square, each having a different shade (just mixed the colors). I pulled out the plaster as the paint dried up (acrylic dries up fast!) and did the same to the next column.

The Squares
Colouring the squares.
Nearly Finished
Almost finished.

It was rather quick. Finished it in just a couple days. And here it is hung proudly on my living room wall. For just €2 and two days of house arrest, I’ll take it over a Mondrian any day.

Color Cubes
Finished. Painting over a faded painting print.

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