Geithoorn, The Netherlands

It’s commonly-known as “Venice of the North.” Venice minus the crowd, minus the mafia, that is. Hehe. It isn’t that popular a destination yet judging by the number of visitors but I hope that despite this post, it’s kept that way–hidden. Enjoy! šŸ˜‰

the making of modern Rotterdam

The post-war rehabilitation of the heavily-bombed Rotterdam abandoned the idea of restoring damaged buildings especially in and around the city centre. Instead, restoration took on a moving forward approach–completely taking down the old for the construction of new ones. There are a few historic buildings though that survived the bombardment. They blend in with theContinue reading “the making of modern Rotterdam”

of Mondrian and my living room wall

I’ve recently moved in to a new place. Costs of getting a mortgage and buying furnishings left me with little cash for decors and other pump up stuff. Checked out Ikea for some wall art but the ones that stood out for me were theĀ relatively pricey ones. I paint a bit and figured I’dĀ makeĀ one myself.Continue reading “of Mondrian and my living room wall”